Michaela Hampl, Instructor

From early childhood, I was on the back of the family horse Colt 45, that we owned from six years old and recently passing at the old age of 33 years. As I matured, so did my riding experience, graduating to riding several horses with different riding abilities. 

Horse Expertise includes:

“Horses have been a passion of mine since the time I was little. I can remember my first lesson many years ago – how relaxing and fun it was. I enjoy teaching with an approach that caters to every rider different needs and learning styles. With this flexible approach, riders set their own learning pace.  By doing so, riders become more confident in their riding abilities and skills.  This creates a way for students to have a better overall understanding of riding and natural horsemanship skills in a safe, relaxing, enjoyable way.”

You will also learn:

Monika Parrish, ARIA Certified Riding Instructor, English and Western Riding, Horsemanship 

 15+ Years Riding Experience: