Long Term Horse Boarding – Full or Pasture Board

 Pasture Board – $ 220/month. We have over 95 acres available for pasture board. Horses live together in the pasture. They have fresh water and grass or hay available to them. We provide good quality grass hay at all times to them during winter months. We discontinue the supply of continuous hay once the grass becomes available and they lose interest in eating hay.   

 Man Trail Riding

Full Board –   $410/month.  Your horses will be well cared for in a safe environment.  Full board includes items listed above, plus daily turnout of 8-10 hours, stall cleaning once a day, and feeding twice a day.  Our stalls are 12' x 12' and we have spacious tack rooms.  


 The Barn

Unfortunately, we do not provide care for stallions, proud cut horses, pregnant mares or foals. 



Tack Room for Horses

  Special Services -

VIP Treatment: Retrieving, Grooming, Tacking Horse

Ready for You to Ride

$    10

Hand Walking/Grazing

$    15

Special Feeding

$      5

Trimming and Clipping

$    15


$    25

Administration of Medicines

$      5

Leg Wrapping and Dressing

$    10

Farrier (Hand Hold Horse)

$    15


$    15



Farrier -

Most of the horses are shod weekdays by Scott Davis, a farrier for over a decade of fulltime employment. Scott Davis is truely a modern day cowboy that has a gentle approach, natural understanding, and silently communicates with horses. In October, Scott Davis roped in the prelims at the World Show United States Team Roping Championship held in Oklahoma. Scott, his brother Kevin, and his farrier team are dedicated, hard working men who do an excellent job.


Trail Ride