Programs And Workshops -


Girl Scout badge  Girl Scouts - We are an approved facility for northeast and northwest Georgia  regions of the Girl Scouts for Horse Fan, Horse Rider, and Horse Sense badges.  Brownies can also earn their Animals badge too.
Boy Scout Badge Boy Scouts - Many students have earned their Boy Scout Horsemanship merit badge through our program.  Please remember to bring your blue cards so we can sign off on them. (i.e., 513)
4H Badge 4H Club Workshops - Contact us to setup a Western/horsemanship camp or workshop at our facility.
Homeschool Association Badge Home School Students and Groups - Our instructors accommodate and teach home schoolers in our region.


Equestrian Corporate Team Building Experience

 Our Equestrian Corporate Team Building Experience combines a total horsemanship program that includes some of the following highlights:

Safety is Always the Priority - Just as in business, what things can we do to reduce chaos around horses, and the corporate world to our teammates and customers?

Fear – How does it paralyze you in business and your personal life?

Make Them Come to You… just by being approachable.  See how horses respond exactly the same way people do.   

Trail Ride Horse Open Pastures

Herd Dynamics – How similar is that to the office dynamics.

Dominance Hierarchy - Horses are always establishing and re-establishing a pecking order when an unfamiliar horse is introduced to the herd.  Who is the Alpha in your office?                                                                                                                                                           

Horse Whisperer - Just like people, horses often times tell a lot about themselves without ever uttering the first noise.  What silent communications do you convey to your team without saying a word?  There are always warning signals from your customers and colleagues.  It usually is a matter of whether or not you are "tuned in" ,  and paying attention.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

 Our Equestrian Corporate Team Building Experience is led by a post-graduate seasoned professional  who has over 20 years experience with Fortune 100 companies in the technology industry.  With over 15 years of riding and teaching experience, she is also a certified riding instructor by the American Riding Instructor Association. 

Riding Lesson Instructor

This experience has been proven to bring the team members closer together and to educate them on how they are perceived, as horses tend to mirror our behavior.  Our corporate experience begins by finding a partner in teams.  Each team will be assigned a horse, and taught the steps of approaching, handling, grooming, tacking, and riding their horse.  The cost is $150 per person (six person minimum) for a 3 hour unforgettable experience.  From special groups to corporate team building events, we have the luxury of offering a comprehensive program customized to meet your goals of the day.